Seirios Project

Seirios App - Travelling smart during Covid-19

Won 2nd prize

Seirios application was designed and built from scratch within 1 week time back in 2021 for APEC App Challenge. Seirios gives you access to affordable COVID-safe activities with a crowdsourced COVID-safe rating. It also keeps you up to date with the latest COVID-19 regulations and nearby positive cases.

Seirios was named after the brightest star in the galaxy, shining light in the darkness. We thought the guiding star would be a good analogy, as travellers often used stars to navigate the lands.


In Australia, each state had its convoluted government website with information about local regulations and requirements for travellers divided up and strewn across multiple pages. This made it incredibly confusing for those wishing to engage in regional and interstate travel. The most tenacious and tech-savvy person was able to piece together all the rules, but everyone else was left in the dark. This has also resulted in Australia’s multilingual communities missing out on vital coronavirus information as the complicated content was not translated.

We were presented with a unique design opportunity to make a web application addressing the above problems and encouraging local travel in a ‘COVID normal’ society.

My Involvement

User Research

Project Planning & Management

Wireframing & Prototyping

Front-End Development


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